24 Hour Service

We live in a round the clock world where everything you need is available 24 hours a day, and here at NGL we are no different.

Whether you are in an accident at 10pm and want to file a claim immediately or simply want to pay your premium at 2am in your pajamas, we give you the tools to do so.

Free Accident Support App

For free accident support, download our iPhone app! You can add your account information to stay connected with NGL on the go.

Pay Through our Website

If you pay your premium to NGL Group you can now pay anytime by check right through our website. This secure way to pay is convenient, quick and most importantly safe. You can avoid paying postage and a trip to the post office and be sure your payment is in our office on time to avoid any lapse in coverage.

Pay by check!
Pay by credit card!

If you pay your premium directly to the carrier that provides your coverage you can easily access their website anytime, day or night, to make a payment or have any billing questions answered.



Billing #


Adirondack 800-629-8003 www.aie-ny.com
AIG 877-496-7461 www.aig.com
American Bankers Flood 800-535-1333 www.americanreliable.com
Amtrust 800-239-3909 www.amtrustfinancial.com
Cabrillo 866-896-7233 www.cabgen.com
Chubb 866-324-8222 www.chubb.com
Encompass 800-262-9262 www.encompassinsurance
GMAC 888-293-5108 www.gmacinsurance.com
GNY 800-522-5504 www.gny.com
Guard 800-673-2465 www.guard.com
Hanover 800-922-8427 www.hanover.com
The Hartford 800-547-5000 www.thehartford.com
Maidstone 516-248-1100 www.maidstone.com
Metlife 800-638-5433 www.metlife.com
Nat Gen. 888-325-1190  www.natgenagency.com
Narragansett Bay 800-343-3375 www.nbic.com
Progressive 800-876-5581 www.progressive.com
New York Property 212-208-9700 www.nypiua.com
Seneca 212-344-3000 www.senecainsurance.com
Shelter Point 800-365-4999 www.shelterpoint.com
Sterling 800-462-4661 www.sterlingins.com
Utica First 800-456-4556 www.uticafirst.com
Utica National 800-598-8422 www.uticanational.com

Also, most insurance carriers provide 24 hour claims service online or over the phone. We have provided you a list of all the carriers with their websites and phone numbers to make such a difficult time as when a loss occurs a little easier.



Personal Claims #

Commercial Contact

Adirondack 877-248-0555  877-248-0555
AIG 888-760-9195 866-642-5246
American Bankers Flood 800-245-1505 877-399-6442
Amtrust 866-272-9267 866-272-9267
Cabrillo 866-482-5246  
Chubb 800-945-7461 800-252-4670
Encompass  800-588-7400 800-588-7400
GMAC 800-325-1088  
Guard 800-673-2465 800-673-2465
Hanover 800-628-0250  800-628-0250
The Hartford 800-553-1710   800-553-1710
Maidstone auto
MetLife 800-854-6011  
Narragansett Bay 800-343-3375  
Progressive 800-274-4499  
New York Property 212-208-9710  
Seneca 212-277-3490    212-277-3940
Shelter Point/First Rehab 516-504-6414  800-365-4999
Sterling 800-462-4661  
Utica First 800-456-4556 315-768-4408
Utica National 800-216-1420 800-216-1420

Compensation Disclaimer

NGL Group LLC is compensated through fees and/or commissions for services provided to clients to identify, value, mitigate, transfer, and administer their risks. In addition to this compensation, NGL Group LLC has agreements with some of its insurance markets through which it is compensated for insurance placed in these insurance markets. These payments are based upon such factors as the overall volume, growth, and profitability of the total premium placed with each insurer and is not specific to individual clients. NGL Group LLC provides additional information about its compensation practices at the request of a client.

Privacy Statement

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